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Law Access reviews requests for legal assistance and attempts to match them with lawyers who provide pro bono assistance. Law Access seeks to help people who benefit most from legal aid, who cannot afford private lawyers, or who get help from other places (such as Legal Aid WA or CLC). There are eligibility criteria to determine if the legal issue qualifies for support, as well as a means test. Disclaimer: The Law Society makes no warranties for the work of any firm listed or provided in a referral and will not be responsible for any aspect of the legal services it provides to you. For more information, visit Community Legal WA. Visit each CIS website for information on their services and contact information. Links and contact details for the 9 FVPLS services in Perth and the WA region are available below. Some of them are operated by Aboriginal Family Legal Services. Women living in Western Australia, with a focus on women who need it most and who may face additional barriers to accessing legal advice, support and justice. You can also check out the Find Legal Answers option to learn more about other places that may be helpful with specific topics.

VPPS provides information, legal advice, referrals, case representation, advisory or support services. Her legal services include injunctions, child protection, compensation for criminal offences caused by domestic violence or sexual assault, child support and family law matters. Here is some information about other organizations that might be able to help you. What they can do for you and what conditions or costs are incurred for their services is up to them. The Bar Association has a register of its members (private lawyers and law firms). The directory can be searched depending on the nature of the legal issue, the location of the lawyer and your language needs. The directory lists only lawyers or law firms paid for services that are members of the Law Society, and the results are displayed in random order. Most CLCs focus on specific client groups, legal issues, or geographic areas. Priority is often given to people who are disadvantaged or have special needs.

CLCs offer different levels of service, ranging from basic legal advice and support to ongoing representation. Women`s Legal Service WA provides a range of legal support services to women in Western Australia who are in crisis or disadvantaged. Visit the ALSWA website or call 1800 019 900 for more information about their services and offices. Other services include Bail Support, Prison Accompaniment Program, Notice of Custody Service, Professional Development Permit Service, Your Story Disability Legal Support, Youth Engagement Program and Community Legal Education. Community Law Centres (CLCs) are community-based, not-for-profit organizations that provide legal and support services to the public. There are 28 CLCs in urban and regional areas in Western Australia. All legal appointments serve as ad hoc legal advice. Any ongoing assistance in the preparation of documents or other matters is at the discretion of the lawyer seen that day. However, there is no guarantee that they will have the capacity. Law Access is a non-profit organization that helps individuals and community organizations find free legal assistance. Legal information and advice – contact Djinda Services at Women`s Legal Service WA – (08) 9200 2202. Advocacy and Support Services – contact Djinda Services at Relationships Australia (WA) – (08) 6164 0650.

Legal Aid WA tries to help as many people as possible with their legal problems. However, we cannot help everyone. Domestic Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLS) is a specialized service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have experienced or are at risk of domestic violence or sexual assault. Visit the Access to the Law website to learn more about what Law Access can help, as well as information on how to ask for help. Carnarvon – contact the AFLS office in Carnarvon – (08) 9941 3633. Kununurra – contact the AFLS office in Kununurra – (08) 9168 2001. If you qualify for help, support is usually provided for free or at low cost. Level 1, CSA Building, 445 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000 Broome – contact the AFLS office in Broome – (08) 9193 5455. Fitzroy Crossing – contact Marnin Family Support and Legal Unit – (08) 9191 5284.

The Law Society of Western Australia is WA`s professional association for lawyers. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but note that telephone lines are open Monday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Albany – contact the Southern Aboriginal Corporation Family Violence Prevention Legal Service – 1800 557 187 or (08) 9842 7751. There are many ways we can help ensure access to justice for women in Australia.

Interpreters are available to assist women when English is not their first or preferred language. Note: The Mental Health Law Centre and RUAH, which have merged with RUAH, provide nursing and protection services.